Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blast From the Past-New Adventures in Closet Shopping

After yesterday embarrassing no-belt saggy pants I decided to do a little closet shopping this morning.  If you don’t’ know what I mean by closet shopping, see my previous post.  Anyway—my husband must be  a “leg man” because he is ALWAYS nagging me to wear more skirts and tights.  So today I decided to try on an ol’ fav, a skirt blast from the past.  The last time I wore this skirt was the summer my husband I began dating.  Summer of 2003—oh those were the days.  I was 172 lbs, 21 years old, wore a size 12 or 14 and a two piece swim suit.  Flash forward—I’m 28 years old, 1 baby, 191 lbs and a size 14.  But you know what!? That denim skirt fits perfect, infact it’s a little big. Someone explain this to me—how can I be 20 lbs heavier but fit into the same size as I did when I was 172 lbs?  Who cares right?

I think my friends are sick of me complaining about how my pants are too big for me.  I read yah friends—it’s seriously not me being conceited trying to brag about weightloss—I’m seriously frustrated with the fact that all my work clothes and casual favs are saggy and ridiculous looking.  I don’t have the funds right now to replace my work clothes.  With two weddings this fall and a trip to Europe, $$ for new dress pants is not just kicking around ready to blow at the outlets.   

I shamelessly took this photo of me today in the bathroom at work—I’m that weirdo with my Iphone walking into the bathroom---yes.  But how else to show you guys how this skirt actually fits!?

Love to all my supporters!!

PS-my husband decided to “diet” and now weighs less than me again! GRRR must keep working harder to drop below him again! He was 189 yesterday!  We’re both 5’10”, I think he’s aiming for 185 and I’m aiming for 170 (well for  now atleast!).

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Kammy'sMama said...

dude you look so awesome...cute skirt :)