Friday, September 10, 2010

Holy Heck Conferences Make You Fat

Riverwalk, Tampa FL
So this past week I was sent to a conference as part of work from Sunday to Thursday.  Picture me, on my butt at a registration desk 11 hours a day being fed cookies, pastries, snackies, jimmy jon's sammy's, you name it.  I knew this week was going to be diet trouble.  I was careful--I did drink two sodas and have the occasional cookie, i'm not going to lie.  BUT  I tried to be really careful with portions at the banquet dinner, alcohol, etc.  I even brought my running stuff and ran TWICE while at the conference (more on that later).  And guess what? I gained 5 friggin' lbs.  Jesus.  When i'm eating restaurant foods and surrounded by snack foods all day, I cannot maintain my weight even with the normal amount of exercise that helps me lose weight at home. Crazy. Just Crazy.  I 'm not going to get upset. I'm going to accept it and work that much harder to stay on track.  I'm not going to post my little chart, cause it is crazy off.  But I'm not readjusting it. I 'm not readjusting my goal because I know where this weight came from.  It is no mystery.  Even though I've technically gained, I still fit in clothes from 6 years ago. This photo above i've wearing a pair of blue twill shorts I last wore in 2004.  They fit better now than they did then.  So this is what I have to say to those 5 lbs I gained..."I'll get you 5lbs! You are not staying!"

I'm in week 5 of teh 5 k running program. I advanced to running 8 minute intervals.  So basically, you go from running 5 4-minute intervals to 3 8-minute ones.  I was like "no f'ing way, I can barely finish my 4 minutes intervals and Todd thinks I can run 8!?" Todd is the creator of the program, you start to talk about him as if he's your friend because he talks to you over your ipod while you run.  Anyway--I friggin did it. I ran them all and didn't have to stop once.  I did it outside in Tampa because the river was so beautiful.    I'm excited to do it on a treadmill because then I can see my pace and mileage.    I'll have to let you guys know.  I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone that wants to get into running.  It starts out slow and builds you up.  You can do it, if I can do it as an overweight person in the Florida heat after two knee surgeries, so can you.

Well I leave you with another photo of the day from my work bathroom, lol.  Say goodbye highlights, you are getting fixed today at 3pm! I'll have to post a photo of my new hair color after today. I"m thinking I'll go dark for Fall.

I still can't belive I'm leaving for Europe  a week from today.  Crazy.

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