Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I like this quote

Here I am in Vienna, with my husband snoozing after a long day at his conference, me letting my poor blistered feet rest after tramping around museums all day and the busy streets this evening, reading blogs on my macbook with free wifi.  Don't judge--I am enjoying my vacation!  Just cause I dash into my email account and slap a post on facebook about the delicious chocolate I enjoyed in the Imperial rose gardens today does not mean I'm not having a good time!!!


I came accross this quote from a women's blog I read, so true, so lovely, I had to repost it

Women can be hard on each other. We have insecurities and we say things and we hold standards for each other that sometimes aren't fair. We can talk about things we shouldn't talk about and do things we shouldn't do or maybe not help each other when we really should be doing more. But I believe in women and the amazing power we give each other. There are millions of amazing, inspiring, genuine women out there doing their best. And spending my week with this passionate, fearless, rallying woman has fueled my soul.

More later this week when I return from the city of Wienersnitzel and home to my humid Florida.


stephanie5288 said...

What a great quote!

laurapile said...

Don't you love Kelle Hampton!! I read her blog all the time. I wish I could write like her :)

Dude you are in Florida..you should get her to do a photo shoot for you! :) her work is amazing and totally worth a bit of a drive! (I have no clue where in FL you live so a bit of a drive may be a bit too much)