Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Much To Update On

I am back from my whirlwind two weeks of craziness!!

So I'll put a few quicks notes now but I'll do proper updates later!

My husband and I traveled to Vienna from Sept 17 to 23, sadly his grandfather passed away the day we left so my husband spent the first 3 days of our trip horribly depressed (understandably).  It was really hard to force ourselves to enjoy the trip, but we tried.  I'll post photos and tell you some of the highlights from the trip once I clean off the camera and sort through them all.  I ate a ton of streudal and sausage and schnitzel and didn't gain a pound! I walked a lot and ran once while I was there!  More on my trip later...

A day after I got home I emptied my suitcase, re-washed some stuff and packed back up for a weekend trip to Houston with Mimicans.  Despite my friends thinking I'm a weirdo--I flew to Texas to finally meet a girl I've been "friends" with for about a 1 and a half years on youtube and blogger.  Go ahead and judge.  We don't care.  We had a great time.  I "met" Courtney when I was pregnant with Mimi through blogging and her youtube channel.  We kept in touch by exchanging comments and later exchanged some phone calls and video chats.  Over the summer I found a GREAT deal on a plane ticket to Houston so I took Mimi and away we went to meet Courtney and her family.  Our daughters are a little over a month apart and had a great time playing together.  I can't wait to do it all again.  Go ahead and judge me my "IRL" friends, I could care less!  I'm post some photos and tell you more about our trip later, including the nightmare it was travelling alone with my 1 year old on an airplane. GAH.

My running you ask? Did I keep up with my running program through all these travels and distractions!? You bet your butt I did.  I am on week 6 with 4 weeks until the 5K.  I am now running 12-minute intervals and LOVING IT.  I highly recommend the 5K101.com training program.  DO IT.  Stop thinking about doing it someday and just do it.  It's free and it works.

So no photos today.  Are you sad? I am, I love posting photos for you all.  Alas, they are not uploaded off the camera yet.

Some posts to come:
1.  Photos and news from Vienna trip
2.  Photos and news from our Houston Trip
3.  Weightloss and 5K program update.
4.  My opinions, links, and resources concerning the chicken pox vaccine.
5.  My 2 year wedding anniversary is approaching :-) What will we do to celebrate?
6.  Mimi's 15 Month Dr. Apt coming up
7.  Do I miss nursing?

Thanks for reading!
Later Gators!

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stephanie5288 said...

I am so sorry about your husband's loss. Chris's grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago today, so he is going through something similar :(

I am so happy you got to go to Texas! That sounds like so much fun!