Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen!

Hey ladies!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Austria with my husband!  People at work are saying "why aren't you more excited!?"


Travelling is really stressful to me.  This week has been especially stressful.  I'll give some incite into why this is.

So Monday afternoon my husband calls me to tell me his 90 year-old grandparents had an explosion at their home (which is 4 hours away from us).  His grandfather was vacuuming out the trunk of his car and had a gas tank in there for the lawnmower and BOOM. It exploded and burned down their garage.  He is okay, he sustained some 2nd degree burns on his face, arms, mouth and throat and is in a burn  unit.  His wife, my husband's grandmother also almost 90 years olds, suffers from dementia, and refused medical treatment and the neighbors kept her until my husband got in his car and drove 4 hours there and back to bring her to our home.  She is also somewhat limited mobility wise and can't be left alone.  So here we are getting ready for our trip, having a crazy week at work, and BOOM life throws us this curve ball.  So I spent Tuesday evening doing 5 loads of laundry while his grandmother asked me the same questions 20 times (dementia).  Yesterday we put her on a direct flight to California with an escort so that my husband's parents can take care of her until the house is repaired and his grandfather is out of the hospital.

Work has been crazy this week too.  Having been gone last week to a conference, I had a weeks' worth of crap piled on my desk, plus our office manger is on vacation, plus my boss leaves for Romania for a month, plus all the invoices and grants to process AHHHH!  

Yesterday evening, even though I was exhausted beyond belief, I went running.  I hadn't run since Sunday because Monday and Tuesday I was too exhausted to even put on gym shorts.  I ran outdoors to this nice wooded trail near my house.  I'm on week 5 of my running program and getting nervous about my 5K next month.  am bringing my running stuff on all my trips this month! I had a great run and went home and took a nice bath with Mimi.  I love my little girl so much I will miss her so much this next week while i'm gone!  She'll be having so much fun with Grandma she probably wont' even miss a beat.

My weight is good, I lost the 5 LBS I GAINED at the conference! and now I can continue to strive to my goal.

Tonight I'm going to go pick up my mom at the airport, tomorrow Austria, next weekend Texas and then some breath time until Halloween (brother in law's wedding in CA GRRR)!


Jess Craig said...

have a great trip!

G said...

Be safe and have fun!