Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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You know when you're first pregnant you feverishly read and educate yourself on pregnancy and birth because you're so excited. Well I began following people's vlog's on youtube as well. Most of the girls don't have much in common with me, a lot of them stay at home with their kids, or are just at home pregnant.

One girl I've been watching for awhile is xxxjoelpolexxx. She's a stay at home mom from Texas with a little girl and she was pregnant with her son. I must admit, 1/2 the time, the things she says on her vlog irritate me, I often feel like actually making comments to her on her vlog, but it's not worth potentially offending her just because I don't agree with the things she says and does. In the last day or so I came across two things that really made me dissappointed in her character. It makes me not want to watch her videos anymore. One thing that I came accross was another girl who was pregnant and told facebook/youtube she was going to name her daughter Jacelyn. This happens to be the name of xxxjoelpolexxx's little girl. xxxjoelpolexxx sent all these nasty messages to her saying she was copying her daughter's name and to get a life, etc. etc. I was like whoa, how self centered is this women to think that if someone uses the same baby name as her that they are directly copying her? I mean my name is Jen, do you know how many jen's and jeniffer's and jenny's there are in this world? Hello, it was a popular name in the 80's when I was born. There were 3 other jen's in my class. That kind of urked me that xxxjoelpolexxx felt the need to be rude to this poor women because of a name. Not to mention I doubt they will ever meet each other or even live near each other. How does it hurt her if someone else has the same name? Good grief!

Then this morning I see xxxjoelpolexxx's post slandering her birth photographer. I thought wow, either this girl is ignorant as to how the world works or she really is just such a selfish self centered person, she cries and screams about anything that doesn't go her way. She is mad because her birth photographer won't give her digital rights to her birth photos or give her every photo taken. Sorry xxxjoelpolexxx, your contract didn't state you get those pictures, if you didnt' like that you should have hired another photographer. This is how photographers work. They tell you what service they will provide and the end product you will receive. You are ignorant to assume that those pictures belong to you. They don't. They belong to the photographer. That photographer is an artist, and those photos are HER work. Just cause your face is in those doesn't mean they belong to you. The photographer also has the right (unless clearly stated in your contract) to not give you all the pictures. Photographer may take 100's of photos, and only 20 may be suitable to print. They are not going to give you a photo that doesn't reflect well on them. That is their right. Sorry if this pisses you off, but you're out of luck. She goes on to tell everyone in her vlog that the women tried to steal 50 dollars from her. They had paid a deposit of 50 dollars and didn't remember to subtract that from what they owed her and paid her 250 instead of 200. First off, my first impression was wow, those are beautiful pictures, 250 is nothing for such nice photographs, especially since the lady drove to your house in the middle of the night and sat through your entire birth to take them. So was the photographer dishonest for not instantly calling them and saying "hey you overpaid me 50 bucks?" or was she considering it a tip? I mean I tipped the photographer at my wedding. Who by the way, up front told me I would get the rights to my photos! (artisticmindseye.com) And was a great photographer.

She wraps up the vlog by saying her husband was just laid off from work and now they're broke with two kids and no job. This brings me back to come of the comments I've had about her vlog in the past. MONEY. This women spends money like nothing else. From the minute she got pregnant it was crazy. She was saying how they needed to get their tax return so that they could buy nursery furniture (which what they chose was none too cheap) and move into a bigger apt. Then, she takes her daughter to a photo studio monthly for portraits! I think I actually commented on this once, saying, why go every month? She says she spends a little over a hundred a month on photos of Jacelyn, that's over 1200 a year! Why not put that into savings and only take your daughter ever few months, or better yet take nice pictures at home for your family. When you're family is tight on money and you have a limited income, you don't do frivolous things like this. How about the fact that her TV is on all day? One, is it really good to have your TV on all day with a 1 year old? Two, cable costs money, rent some movies, get a hobby or go for a walk and have your cable off and save a couple hundred a year. We turned our cable off when we bought our house to save money, we saved 1200 a year, and we actually keep our yard clean, walk our dog and have time to spend together not on the couch all night.

I'm not perfect. I'm sure if I kept a vlog, she would find things wrong with how I handle situations, how I prepare for the birth of my child, how I choose to spend (or not spend) my money, etc... I'm entitled to my own opinion on my own blog. This women should be sued by her photographer for slander/liable. The things she is stating on youtube will hurt this women's business, and unjustly.

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