Saturday, June 20, 2009

35 and 1/2 Weeks--Lightening...OUCH!

Hey all,

I have no good pictures to update you all with. I look/feel like a beached whale. It was 95 degrees today and F and I went to a 1st birthday party for our friend's daughter (Dahlia). It was so hot, we all looked like sweaty people. Luckily it was in the shade and they had lots of cold drinks.

I had my 35 week apt. last Wednesday. Nothing very exciting to report. I have been having some nausea for the last few weeks, all "normal" according to the midwife. Last night, in one of the three or four times I got up to pee, I felt like i had a bowling ball in my pelvis. Oh my god, talk about an uncomfortable feeling. I hope this feeling subsides as my pelvis stretches or widens or something. It is so uncomfortable to walk or sit or lay or anything. And....I thought I had to pee a lot before this--not I swear to got i wish i could wear a catheter, I have to pee like very 10 minutes, and it's so hot, I've been trying to keep my fluids up, which makes me pee even more! Can anyone day Depends? lol

Well I hope all these "signs" are normal signs that this baby is getting ready to make an appearance. The house is almost tidy, the room is pretty much done, the bassinet sheets are washed...we are ready to go. In light of the contractions i've had off and on the last few days and this "lightening" (ie bowling ball feeling in pelvis), I think I may pack my hospital bag today.

F and his buddies are outside in the heat working on Manny's car. I have to laugh at them, it is hot as balls outside, they must be so hot in the sun. If it had been me, I would have done it early in the morning. But that would have been logical. lol

Well I will post a picture with a beautiful expression I have on my face. I dont' know what I was saying as F snapped this photo.

I hope the baby just waits to come until F is back from his business trip July 1st!

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