Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Shower

Hey all

It has been a crazy week! This past week my mom visited, my friends had a shower for me and we got the nursery half done. My mom arrived on Thursday in the evening, since we were given a new prepared birth class instrustor, they scheduled an extra class Thursday night. My mom went with me because F has Kung Fo class on Thurs. It wasn't too bad. I was afraid she'd be kind of a martyr, you know the whole "I had two kids with no drugs...blah blah blah...." She behaved though. Friday my mom and I went to Toys R Us and we ordered the changing table and bought some sheets for the pack and play. She wanted to buy us more but I really just wanted to wait until after the shower, also I didn't want my mom breaking the bank on baby stuff that she thinks we need. Friday night we just relaxed and F made us pizza on the grill.

Saturday was my shower. It was beautiful. I didn't want anything girly so 4 of my friends planned a great pot luck picnic for us at a local park. It was really nice, we had 36 people come and the food was great! Everyone just relaxed and chatted and ate a nice lunch. We had cake and then they wanted us to open presents. It kind of makes both Franco and I uncomfortable opening presents in front of people, but I guess that's what people wanted. Everyone was so generous. We did get a lot of duplicates from the registry, but that wasn't a problem. The next day my mom and I returned the duplicates to Target and Toys R Us and we were able to get almost everything else on the registry. The only thing I think we have left to buy is the stroller frame that the carseat snaps into.

Sunday my mom finished painting the nursery and she put together our crib. It was so surreal to see the crib actually set up in the room. I'm getting really excited about finishing it up. We have some things to pick up at Ikea when we go in a week or two.

I dropped my mom off at the aiport at 4:30 this morning! It was so hard to go back to sleep when I got home, but it was okay.

Right now the pregancy is good, my asthma has been really bad. The midwife is sending me to the OB this week to make sure it's not affecting the baby negatively. Hopefully everthing is fine. I've been packing on pounds these last two weeks! It's all the cake and treats from the visiters and parties! Hopefully I won't get lectured too sternly. Other than that, the soon-to-be grandparents on both sides are making me feel a little pressured to have them all come and stay with us when we have the baby. I know they just want to be helpful and see the baby but I just want F and I to have a week by ourselves with the baby at home before we have houseguests, you know? How do you delicately tell people they need to wait without sounding ungrateful? hmmm will have to think of how to handle this and soon.

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