Friday, June 12, 2009

34 Weeks Pregnant-Key Largo Trip

Every year I travel to the Florida Lake Management Society meeting (me being a limnologist and all) which is usually in early June. This year it was in Key Largo, Florida. It was really nice, the weather was beautiful, the hotel was lovely, etc etc. The trip really made me tired. It's getting hard to sit in any one position too long. It as about a 7 hour car ride. Fortunately my friend Julie drove, I just got to relax and get milkshakes at fast food restaurants where F never lets me eat! I did gain quite a few pounds on my trip sucking down those milkshakes and snacks at the breaks during the conference. Not to mention the excellent seafood we ate every night. It made me feel a bit guilty to eat 30 dollar seafood dinners each night when I normally only spend about 60 or 70 bucks a week on groceries for the entire house!! But, often are you in the FLorida keys surrounding by fresh fish!?

34 weeks pregnant. Holy crap. I could have this baby anytime in the next month or so. Just my luck i'll go over 40 weeks and F and I won't have any time with the baby before we're invaded by family. Both of our families want to come and stay when the baby is born, so we compromised and asked if they could wait atleast one week after my due date before booking tickets. But.....since they live in CA and NY, and have most likely already booked tickets, If I go overdue, we lose that nice quiet week and we're out of luck!!! I'm trying to be appreciative that they want to help and not get upset at the idea of houseguests sleeping in my living room for weeks at a time.

Today I'm going to pick up the changing table and finish the babies room. The cleaning lady is here not cleaning around me which feels AWESOME, because I'm so tired and F trashed the house while I was gone in Key Largo. So I'll go to Toys R Us and come back to a clean house. This lady is worth EVERY PENNY I pay her, which isn't much, she only charges 15/hour and does an awesome jOb.

I'll update after my 35 week apt late this week.

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