Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 Weeks Pregnant

Finally into my third trimester. Things seem to be going better. I've gained 15 lbs, which the midwife seemed pleased with. After failing my first glucose screen I passed the dreaded 4 hour glucose tolerance test! Yeah! No Gestational diabetes! My Asthma is not improving, but not holding me back or hurting the baby, so I just tell myself it could be so much worse!

I've been trying to walk 4 night a week (or more if we're ambitious) with my friend Grace. When I walk with her consistently and watch my sugar sweet intake I consistently maintain or lose weight. The longer 3-mile walks are a little difficult, I get this tight feeling in my stomach like cramps that are just irritating, no really painful, but bad enough I have to stop and breath a little. I finally got some maternity clothes I like, after returning some hideous flowery things I had bought earlier that never quite fit. I got some nursing tanks and a nursing bra from gap maternity, after trying on like 10 nursing bras at the fancy maternity store her in town.

My friends are throwing me a shower at the end of May and all the invites just went out so I'm excited for that too. I finished TA'ing today and now the summer is mine! Hopefully I will get lots of work done with no teaching/grading etc to do.

Franco and I signed up for a birthing class that's 4 evenings in May. He isn't very happy about it, and I know parts of it will be boring, but I'm excited to ask questions and hopefully get more comfortable with the whole hospital thing.

We bought a new camera this weekend at Super Walmart, we got a Canon EOS Digital SLR camera. F has been playing with it nonstop, he'll be the official daddy photographer I guess! Hope everything is good!

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