Wednesday, April 22, 2009

27 Weeks Pregnant

Man oh man did the 2nd trimester fly by! Tomorrow I am 27 weeks pregnant. I went for a prenatal appointment today which was fun. I failed my initial glucose test by 6 points :-( so I have to go for the glucose tolerance test this Friday. This is really going to suck. You have to give blood 4 times and sit there a total of 4 hours. Not cool. I'll have to grade some papers. I have gained 14 lbs so far, which the midwife said was very good. My blood pressure is normal and my baby his head down. His/Her heartbeat was good and my fundus was measuring right on track. Now is I could just kick the bronchitis and write my dissertation I woudldn't even have anything to complain about! Well, I'm sure i'd find something. F has been working so many hours lately keeping up at work and his grad class. Hopefully the break between semesters will be good for him.

I think i'm begining to nest. I have this overwhelming urge to cook, clean and organize. Today I cleaned our patio, posted used furniture listings on craigslist, emptied all of the carboard boxes out of the garage, and now i'm making meatballs and 4 loafs of banana bread at 9:20 at night. Where did this energy/urge to organize and clean come from?

Well it's back to banana bread and meatballs! Oh, and I walked 2 miles today! Go me

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