Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24.5 Weeks Pregnant

I've been so bad about updating my blog. Things have been seriously busy. I've been taking and teaching a class, working on my research and battling constant irritating illnesses from sinus infections to UTI's to migraines. My kid is sucking the life out of me! F has been taking a class too, he keeps getting stuck with deadbeat group members who don't do any work on their group projects and he doesn't have the balls to let the professor know. I guess he doesn't want to get confrontational! I hate tattle tails, but I also hate people that leach off of others work and get away with it.

Baby seems to be doing fine! We're getting really excited as the months tick away. I have my 25 week midwife apt. this week, I know she's going to harp on my weight, I've gained 6 lbs in the last month, for a grand total of 14 whopping lbs. Geesh. Baby kicks all day and F can really feel them now too. I've been eating like crazy feeling faint after 2-3 hours without food. I keep walking and taking my swim class, so hopefully the baby just had a growth spurt in utero! lol

The semester is almost over and I can go back to working on my research fulltime until the bambino makes his/her appearance this summer.

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