Saturday, March 21, 2009

22 Weeks

Sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile. I've been sick with sinus stuff and busy with work and just plain worn out. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed and I have 4 more months to go.

We had our 21 week anatomy scan, but we didn't find out the sex. I'm proud that we didn't cave and find out. All of the organs and structures looked great. Baby weighed in just below a pound and had a hb of 160 bpm! Some of our friends have been guessing what we're having. I think it's a girl, F thinks it's a boy, our friends have various other guesses. We'll just have to wait and see. F was talking to my belly this morning and we got 3 huge kicks! He must have a very vibrating voice! lol.

Almost up to 10 lbs now! yikes, but I ate pizza and cookies for dinner last night. I'll have to stop doing that unless I want to look like a hippo. I've been doing a swim class 2-3 nights a week and trying to walk with Grace whenever we get chances to. We've both been so busy. I hope all is well with everyone else!

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