Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 Weeks

Hello all,

18 weeks tomorrow and I've been sick as a dog! I had this nagging cold two weeks ago that I tried to deal with without antibiotics or other medicines. After two weeks of feeling like crap and now wheezing, I decided to go see my doc. The doctor said my lungs were full of mucus and my airways were so restricted from coughing that he was surprised I could breath. At this point I barley could breath at night and my coughing kept F up so much he resolved to sleep in the guest room.

I had a midwife apt. last week where I had gained 4 lbs total so far. However, feeling so sick over the weekend I lost two pounds and have only gained by one. So I am only 3 lbs from my start weight at 4.5 months. Nicccccce. We go for our anatomy ultrasound on March 13th. F is so excited, he missed the other two ultrasounds, so he will be so thrilled when he finally sees our bubs kicking away.

I can't tell if the weird flutters I've felt are really the baby moving, or just my fat moving. Lol. Okay, not really the fat moving, but I do feel strange twinges and flutters. I guess I'll wait to tell people I've felt the baby until I get a full fledge kapow!

So I'm healing from bronchitis, but I still went to the gym today. Here is a pic of ultra-sexy post gym me at 18 weeks pregnant. I think I just look sweaty and fat, but I guess you might think I was pregnant is you saw me in the right "lighting" lol. Hope everyone is well.

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