Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the buying begin...

So we bought a stroller this weekend. I used to babysit for a lady that had this stroller and it's the only umbrella/lightweight stroller that is tall enough for me (I am 5'10" tall). It's the MClaren Volo Stroller. They're sold various places, but we bought it off ebay and saved ourselves about 40 bucks. I didn't realize when I bought it, but I get two seat covers, one pink and one red. We were just looking to buy the red, but I guess if we have a girl we'll have a pink one too. If we don't I can sell it or keep it for later I guess.

We have a few other items we've collected/ been donated. My friend Grace just had a baby last June, so her baby girl has grown out of many things that Grace is kindly lending me, like a bumbo seat, a swing, a kiddapotomus snuzzler, bottle warmer, and other things. Grace and I also traded a carseat. I had a Britax Wizard Carseat and it's too big for an infant, and I needed an infant one, so she is letting me use here infant carseat and I am lending her my convertable carseat. So that saves us both some money. I bought a nice chamois cover for the carseat on ebay from potterbarn that is so soft and maching washable.

We're getting really excited. I go for my next apt. next week on the 11th. I will get to hear the heartbeat I hope and get my bloodwork done for the quad screen. I hope all is well. We did not do the CVS or Nuchial Tranluceny test for two reasons. 1. We don't plan on aborting the baby is anything is wrong 2. our insurance won't cover it because I'm not a an advanced maternal age or have a family history of genetic issues. Since the tests run a couple hundred each, they were a no go for us to pay out of pocket. I feel like the quad screen and the ultrasounds will do just fine. I used to be jealous that Grace got so many ultrasounds and all of these tests when she was pregnant because she isn't at an advance age or have a history and it seemed her insurance covered it all. But now I guess, 7 months after she gave birth, her insuranc is still dicking her around over all the costs. So I'll be happy with what I have. We have Blue Cross and as long as other serious complications don't arise, we have to pay 750 total to our midwife/hospital. I'm okay with that. Plus it's nice that F's insurance is either single or family. We don't have to pay extra per kid or family member. We're blessed that he has a job with good insurance.

I'm still taking my gym class three time a week and walking 3 miles with Grace twice a week, but I'm slowing down on some days. I think it's because both things I do in the evening when I am most tired. This 4 week cycle I think will be my last. After this cycle I think I may switch to a swimming and yoga class and continue walking. I'm up one lb from my pre-pregancy weight, which is great, but I really need to curve the icecream consumption!

Well until next week.

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