Tuesday, July 17, 2012

updating from the sticks

So we've been here in rural upstate NY for just over a week.  It is pretty crazy to go from our high-paced play-date/wifi-filled life to the sticks, where my mom had dialup, my cell phone doesn't work at all (except 10 miles away in town), and I'm pretty isolated!

I actually have really enjoyed this last week.  I've been helping my mom with cooking, cleaning, and general care as she just had double foot surgery a little over 2 weeks ago.  I've been relaxing and watching movies with her at night after Mimi goes to sleep and just enjoying the cool fresh air.

I've just now gotten to a state of boredom and isolation lol.  Luckily my mom can make longer outings now that she has orthodic boots to help with walking and isn't so drugged on pain meds.  Also she can be left for a little longer periods so I've been able to take Mimi out to the lake to swim, or to library story hour, etc.

Pregnancy wise, I feel pretty exhausted and have had a lot of headaches.  Otherwise I feel pretty good. When I wake in the morning, I can feel a hard lump on one side of uterus, and it changes position throughout the day.  I never felt this with Mimi, maybe because I was heavier.  I still haven't gained any weight, but the bell is rounding out nicely!  I let Mimi tatoo my belly with washable markers the other morning to help curve her boredom, I think she did a great job!

Her birthday is this weekend.  We're having a big family picnic at one of the parks on the lake.  My husband will be travelling up this weekend too.  I miss him so much and can't wait to be together as a family for awhile!

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Heather Sullivan said...

Ah, the joys of washable magic markers! I love the pic of Mimi with her little shoes on the wrong feet!