Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling Very Drained

I have been the world's worst blogger lately.  I used to have all sorts of ideas of things to blog about.  I would get excited when I had a few minutes to sit down and put up a post.  I hate to be one of those women who gets pregnant and falls off the grid, but man am I drained.

I can't tell if it's because I'm older this time around (30 instead of 26), or if it's because I have high blood pressure (an added stress on my body), or if it's because I'm chasing around an almost 3 year-old and setting up the new house.  For whatever reason, I feel so drained.   I wake up feeling pretty rested usually.   Now that I'm over the first trimester sickness, I have a lot of energy from about 7 am to 1pm.  By the time I get Mimi home for lunch from one of our outings, I feel as though I'll collapse by 2pm.  Maybe it's because it's over 100 degrees here?  I have been taking naps with Mimi in the afternoons and I wake up around 5pm with sweaty Mimi snoring next to me, and I feel worse.  Have you ever woken up from a nap and felt worse!?  It's such a crappy feeling.  I wake up feeling shaky, dehydrated, headachy, etc.  

Between 5 and 6:30 (when my husband gets home) I try to muster together the energy to make him (and us) for dinner.  At least food actually sounds appetizing now.  Infact, I dream of food at night, and wake up desiring all sorts of random things.  I find myself craving things like fresh cut up vegetables, yogurt, pickles, and fruit.  Not bad right?

As far as my (and the baby's) health goes, everything seems fine.  My appointments are a lot closer together than when I was pregnant with Mimi.  I see a normal OB office every 4 weeks for your normal pee in cup/weight/bp type stuff.  I usually bring Mimi to those apts, I figure it's good for her to get used to it now, and also the office seems to really accomodate children, with toys, coloring sheets, letting her "help" with the doppler, etc.  I also go see a Maternal Fetal Specialist every 4 weeks for more "advanced" care I guess?  I get anatomy/growth scans every 4 weeks, then at 32 weeks, weekly.  I get additional blood and urine tests at those appointments, usually for stuff I dont' understand!    Oddly enough, I feel more supported and "taken care" of by the doctors and staff at the Maternal specialist, which I did not expect.   My normal OB office rotates me around 6 doctors, so each time I go, I see a perfect stranger.  Hopefully it gets better.

So far the growth scans have gone well, and baby seems to be growing fine.  It's odd because when I was pregnant with Mimi, she routinely measured days ahead on the ultrasound, whereas this baby measure dead on each time, to the day.  Is it crazy that I actually worry that this baby isn't' even a day ahead?

I've resolved myself to only keep my maternity clothes in my closet after the move to the new house since I had to reorganize the closet anyway.  It still feels weird to think I'm having another baby in December.  I still forget sometimes that I'm pregnant.  I've definitely started looking a little rounder these days.  I'm still a few pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, but I eat when I'm hungry and try all day to keep my fluids going in, so I'm not really too worried.  The numbers will go up eventually.  I am now back to eating primal again after some first trimester buttered toast binges.

I'm had to stop my workouts.  I stopped running at about 8 or 9 weeks along because I would get spotting after each run, but no spotting when I wouldn't run.  Both my doctor and I agreed that it was best to stop.   It breaks my heart, running is something I really enjoy (and now miss).  I just keep getting excited to train again after the baby is born.  I picked up swimming laps when I discontinued running, but soon realized I was too exhausted and couldn't make it through the day watching Mimi on the days I swam, and her happiness is important too.  Now I just do 1-2 mile walks with her and the dog.

This upcoming weekend Mimi and I head to upstate NY to help take care of my Mom after she had double foot surgery.  I'm both excited and apprehensive about the trip.  I haven't been back to my hometown in many years.  I also have a lot of loose ends to tie up here in Austin before I go.  Mimi and I will be gone 3 weeks, but I think it will fly by.  My husband will travel up for Mimi's birthday weekend in the middle, which will be really fun.

Hopefully I'll have some photos soon, sorry for the long update!


Sascha und Karin said...

I am glad you´re back. I missed you!

Laura said...

Isn't it so much harder being prego with a toddler!! I find it a lot harder!

Have fun in NY! I am heading to Ottawa this weekend!! will be heading down to the states to shop for baby on Sunday!! :)