Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World's Worst Blogger

So I was reading this post from one of my fellow blogger/youtube friends (Gee Sarah I hope it's okay to call you my friend lol), and she mentioned the phenomenon where young woman become mothers and seem to make this transition into frumpy moms, not finding the time to wash their hair and put on mascara, or heck even shower.  I had friends that before I had Mimi told me the horror stories of how they never even had time to shower.   I'll admit that when I first had Mimi,  I always made time to shower, mostly because my kid was the world's most frequent puker, but I hardly ever put on clothes that fit me properly, or makeup.  I just tried to be clean and look awake.  After a few months (sadly yes, months), I managed to pull myself back together, and look like a young woman again.

I think there is this other phenomenon that occurs, but not to you, but to your house.   Before I had Mimi, my laundry never piled up, the floors were always lemon fresh and spotless, my bed was made, the dishes were put away, and mail never piled up on my table.  After 3 years, I feel like my house/home has slowly become completely chaotic around me.  I can sit here on my bed, which I happened to make today, and I see a desk piled with papers, receipts, a blood pressure machine, a pair of Mimi's underwear, you name it. I can see Mimi's daypack on my kitchen counter overflowing with our stuff from today's outing, surrounded by unopened mail and empty juice glasses from this morning.  My living room is covered in blankets and toys Mimi had dragged out of her room while she was watching a show.  Let's not even talk about the bathrooms.  Or worse, my closet.

Today my husband came home from lunch and something snapped inside him and he started on this rant about mess and clutter.  He was frustrated at the mess and warned me how he felt this was unacceptable.  I couldn't help but laugh.  I laugh because even if I clean EVERYDAY my home looks and feels like this.  Luckily we are moving to a bigger place soon with more space and storage.  Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff, and believe me I will take advantage!

I hate how my home has transitioned to an acceptable level of mess.  Now, I am going to cut myself a little slack here, being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I've been pretty tired and sick.  The last thing I want to do is clean.  But our life was kind of getting "messy" before the pregnancy too.

With the move, and the new baby coming this year, I really want to de-clutter my home, and find a cleaning schedule that works for me and actually keep up with it.


Heather Sullivan said...

This made me laugh. I hate the mess that my house has become, almost as much as I loathe looking at myself with yoga pants and unkempt hair. And the toys...oh well. At least you're pregnant and you have a valid excuse!!

jen said...

I love this post! I think most Mom's can relate on some level! For me, it's the paper build-up and the beds. That's the worse for me. When Vennex was under a year, the home was dirtier than normal and when I'd do a quick clean I would tell myself, "It's clean enough for now". That's the only way I could deal with it all at first. My husband will get into cleaning moods and would all of a sudden go to town on our home. He's do the good, deep clean that I wasn't able to do and he'd go through all the clutter. It was great and seemed to be therapy for him!