Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello from FL

Here we are on day 8 of our trip. We've had so much fun visiting friends and enjoying all that our former "hometown" has going on. We happened to catch homecoming weekend, the semi annual chocolate night at our favorite icecream place, and the art festival! Heck I even got my haircut!

Mimi and I have had so much fun with our friends (and her old little ones too).

I'm been able to meet with my advisor to get on the same page with my writing and discuss possibly graduating someday. This was actually the point of the trip!

I'm weary of living out of a suitcase and keeping Mimi from destroying my friends house. I miss my home. I miss cuddling in bed at night with my husband, the human furnace, and my normal routine and friends.

It was great to be back, but I'm ready for home.

With that I'll leave you with some iPhone pics from this week. I basically ate my way through Gainesville.....

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

you've been there a long time! your hair looks great! i was tempted to just go back to my PA hair girl (over thanksgiving) and get my hair done, too!