Monday, June 21, 2010

Overdue Mom Blog and Update

I had to put this one in--we both have pink on, I actually hate pink lol!
She's starting to push the truck around and make noises, so cute.
Here she is building her immune system....
The flash looks awful, but his is grandma feeding her icecream
Mimi with Daddy on Father's Day--I love them both so much!
Hello ladies,

I say hello ladies assuming that you are all women, but I did get a random message from some guy the other day who watches my youtube videos--I was like, okay creepy.

Anyway, I am looooong overdue for a proper update! I have been reading yall's blogs and watching your updates while I pump in the morning and while I each lunch. I haven't had time to upload new photos from my camera or make blogs or vlogs.

So we have been a busy little family this month! I have been working full time for a month now and officially hate my job and am actively searching for something else. I don't like the fact that the job i'm doing is NOT what I was hired to do and that I work with a boss I'm afraid to even talk to. Life is too short to feel anxiety and stress like this. If I am going to spend 40+hours away from my Mimi I want it to be for a job that I at least enjoy and a job that doens't cause me to feel like this. So, enough said about horrible job.

Mimi is truckin' along, almost to her first year! One more month until Mimi is 1. She is wearing size 18M clothes and is almost walking. She has taken a few steps here and there by herself without realizing it, but gets scared and won't keep going. All in good time. She has been loving all the beach and pool trips we've taken. I never had time to sign up for the Mommy and me swim classes, but who knows maybe if I switch jobs I will have a more flexible schedule. This week my husband is on "Staycation" with her until Wed when he leaves for his yearly manly road trip to Tennessee to drive "the dragon."

On the mom front---I officially left the house today without leaving enough breastmilk for Mimi. I have exhausted my back up freezer supply and only pumped 6 of the 10 ounces she will likely eat today. You know what though? I'm okay with it. I bought a 1/2 gallon of organic whole milk yesterday and I gave her 4 ounces in a cup not mixed with breastmilk just to see how she liked it and how her body handled it. She chugged it like it was her job. So we know she likes it, but we don't know how her digestive system will. She does eat a fair amount of other dairy products without a problem, so I think she'll be fine. I told my husband to keep an eye out today for any weird tummy issues. If she has no digestive issues, or rash on her face, I plan to top off her breastmilk bottles to 5/6 ounces with the whole mix over the next few weeks then switch to whole milk at 12 M. I plan on nursing in the morning and at night after that if she wants to, but I won't be bringing my pump with me during the day anymore. I really want your feedback on this "topping off the bottles" with whole milk thing. Am I doing something really wrong here? I still give her her poly visol supplement each day (Iron + Vitamin D supplement), and she's still getting over 10 ounces of breastmilk, out of the 15 she drinks. Let me know your opinions or links to any resources that might help me. Thanks!

News on me? I am still around 199 lbs, BUT I must share something delightful---I went to Target the other day with my friend Kim to get a birthday gift for someone, and I saw some cute dresses and cute linen drawstring pants. Just for fun I'd thought I would try some one--so I grabbed size XL and L. I have been wearing XL for as long as I can remember, but I though, hey i've lost some weight, maybe i'm a larger. I tried them on and the L was TOO BIG! I was so psyched. SO...even though I haven't dropped weight in awhile, i've maintained my weight and gotten smaller. I am going to keep at p90x and start running more often if my knees can take it. The extra calorie burn is one of the reasons I've kept pumping--I think that has helped me lose a lot of this weight. So the target thing was exciting.

Well I have to go to a meeting, breaks over. I'll put in some cute photos and update again soon! Hope you all are having a great summer!


Jess Craig said...

dude, whatever you learn when it comes to the whole milk thing, let me know. i want to do the same thing when the time comes. i just got a prescription filled for polyvilsolaskfajksfhakj whatever it's called. i'd like to eventually just switch over to whole milk when he's old enough.

Annie said...

your blog is adorable hun!! new follower!
your little babe is way too cute! :)