Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad wife?

So today my husband left for a 4 day road trip he takes every year up to Tennesee. I was actually supposed to go with him this year (and Mimi), but with my new job it is difficult to take vacation only having worked 1 month. So this morning he left at 7am and I let out a sign of relief. I felt kind of happy actually. For the next 4 days I have one less person messing up the house to clean up after. One less person demanding my time and attention. I love my husband, but a break sounds kind of nice. I am envisioning this evening now....I put the baby to bed and can walk around in my pajamas ans tidy up and check email, watch a girly movie, eat cheerios for dinner if I want. Sounds relaxing. lol

So am I a bad wife? lol I know I will miss him after 3 days. But for now, I'm looking forward to my "vacation."


Jess Craig said...

no. you're normal. when josh comes back from deployment, i'm usually a little shell shocked by how the house looks. i always forget how disgustingly messy he is. ESPECIALLY IN THE BATHROOM. god it's sick.

Olya said...

haha.. it's funny cause, I'm actually going to pick up my boyfriend tonight at the airport from his 4 days work trip. I did miss him the first day, but then it felt good. Like you said, you get stuff done faster and have more time for yourself.
But anyhow, i cant wait to pick him up tonight!!!
p.s. the word verification for my comment right now is "belly". how cute?