Monday, June 21, 2010

10 random things about myself

I've been tagged a beautiful blogger award by Jess Craig and now I must share 10 random things about myself!

1. I eat ice-cream for breakfast sometimes.
2. I am embarrassed to tell people that know me in real life that I blog and vlog
3. I think people who don't want kids are weird.
4. I have hairy toes (I know gross right?)
5. I used to speak french.
6. I watch A&E's Pride and Prejudice once per year (6 hour movie)
7. I feel like after having Mimi i've neglected my beloved lab Buddy.
8. I like doing laundry, just not putting it away.
9. I won't let any else load my dishwasher
10. I bite my nails and don't even realize it.

I don't tag anyone. I usually don't do these. But I don't have to do work tonight AND my house is clean, so I had some free time, and I like Jess, so I did it for her :-)
Have a great night ladies!

How about a rando
m old photo of Mimi to top off this randomness?


Jess Craig said...


1. i eat ice cream after 11 because i think that's an appropriate time for some reason?
2. you shouldn't be embarrassed! you have an interesting blog.
3. i do too! i actually think it's insulting.
4. i have them also. i shave them though.
5. i took spanish for 4 years and know NOTHING. i suck at foreign language.
6. jeez.
7. i re-homed my dog because i knew i wouldn't give her to the right attention. it's something i would have NEVER done before wyatt, but honestly, it was the best decision i've ever made. sorry.
8. are you my twin?
9. you would probably die if you saw how i load my dishwasher. it's ridiculous.
10. i used to do it in my sleep. but i don't anymore.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about laundry! I usually let my clean laundry sit in the basket for about a week after I wash it...oh well!


Anne said...

Haha we like randomness! Sometimes it's more fun and relatable than a well elaborated post. And don't be embarassed about your blog, it's fun and cute! Though I have to admit it is kinda weird sometimes to mix our computer and "outter" lives :).