Sunday, February 5, 2012

Subarus and Phone Dump

So basically my entire weekend so far has been test driving cars.  I think we've test driven 7 Subarus.  Outbacks and Foresters, used, new, certified pre-owned, you name it!  So far, my top choice is a gorgeous outback premium edition (used) that is magically perfect for me our family and would require us to have a car payment of about $150/month (crappy but doable).  My husband's first choice is a used Forester that is less than thrilling in the "trim" department, but is in great shape and a great price, which would require us to not finance anything.  We'll see what happens over the next few days.  I'm rooting for the Outback Premium for Mimi and I! lol

Here's a dump of my photos from the week.

1.  In Katy TX with Courtney, using her free carousel tickets! I think it made us both motion sick.
2.  Blindsided by another cold (children are vectors for disease), in my comfies
3.  Waitin' in the 'ol doctor office for my quarterly blood pressure assessment
4.  Franks reading to Mimi, how precious is that!?
5.  Mimi and I playing at a car dealership while Franks does the business stuff
6.  Me at the end of the day when my makeup has obviously worn off
7.  Need bangs cut maybe?!
8.  Mimi taking her bath.  50% of the time she hates it, 50% of the time I can't get her out of the bath
9.  My man

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Heather Sullivan said...

Good luck on the new car search! We're doing the same thing right now and it is fun/nerve wracking/crappy/everything else. No car payments rock and yet, if you drive it forever, it is only temporary. :)