Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long Time No Blog

I don't even know if I have the energy to plug in my camera to include a recent photo with this post.  I'll try to gum up some energy.  The last two weeks have been nutso.  We've been car shopping, car buying, trip planning, cleaning, dissertatin' (is that a word?) and just been busy in general.  I'll try to do some bulleted updates.

-We shopped fervently for used Subarus here in Austin but ultimately decided to go with a used car and not have a car payment.  We choice a 2005 Honda Element that is decked out with extras like a roof rack, on-demand 4WD, running boards, etc.  We love this thing.  We both daydream of all the camping trips it'll take with us.  We ended up buying it free in clear with money left over.

-I'm coming along on it.  Hoping to still meet my deadlines and graduate this summer.  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

-LOVE paleo eating.  I feel amazing.  I lose weight and feel full all day.   My LDL and Total Cholesterol numbers are elevated, which is concerning, if they aren't down in 6 months, I may have to make some changes.  I am off the diuretic I was on for my BP (still taking Calcium Channel Blocker), and I gained 7 lbs in two days of not taking it! GAH! Water weight sucks.  Hopefully my kidneys will get the memo and work with me here.  I just signed up for an obstacle course 5K with some of my mom friends in April, so i'm getting excited to work out in preparation for that.  Still on track to try for baby #2 this year.

-Mimi is rocking her "Mother's Day Out"/Preschool and we just enrolled her in the two day a week preschool for fall term at the same place, with hopes that I'll have part time work to justify the cost.  She is a fire cracker.  She loves her plethora of friends, doing crafts, cooking with Momma, etc.  We have been doing a lot of trips to the Science Museum and local parks.  She is doing really well with counting to 20, knows the ABC song and some letters, knows many shapes and all of her colors.  She can cut with scissors and write with a pencil.  She can dress herself and get things out of the cupboard and fridge (much to our dismay!).

Oh and Valentines day?  We didn't celebrate it really, but I did get my hair done for FREE @ AVEDA.  My friend used me as a hair model to teach coloring on "virgin" hair, so I got my hair colored for free and I LOVE IT.  Mimi had a party at school and we went out for Froyo.  My husband is exhausted from work and falls asleep on the couch at 9pm most nights.  I think he's looking forward to our trip to CA this weekend to see his family.  He'll have 4 days off to relax.

I'll post something more interesting later! Promise!

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Sascha und Karin said...

Oh Finally you are back:-) Have a nice trip and enjoy your day in CA.