Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back in the land of walkers! YEAH!

So it has been over 6 weeks since my knee surgery and I am back in business (somewhat)!! I am walking again. I'm not running laps around the park, or even walking around the block yet, but I am walking!!! I can easily get around the house and my office, and best yet, I'm also allowed to drive! This may sound like nothing big, but I have been on crutches since the end of November when I tore the meniscus in my right knee, followed by surgery on December 16. I am now doing physical therapy twice a week and regaining strength and flexibility. I have 103 degrees of motion in the leg, and need to get back to 135 degrees. I am now allowed full weight bearing as tolerated, as long as my knee doesn't buckle.

So....what have I been doing with my new found liberation from crutches? I have been cleaning, grocery shopping, and taking care of Mimi and LOVING it. Today I went grocery shopping by myself without my husband wining about me putting in graham crackers saying "what do you need those for?", he seriously second guesses every item I throw in the basket unless it is on our magical list--sometimes there are exceptions to the magical list!

I can now get up and get Mimi our her crib in the morni
ng, so I get the first morning smiles I've been missing. Life gets better everyday. In 10 more weeks I should be back to normal. I did however venture to the gym tonite and swam a few laps and did some stretches in the warm therapy pool.
Mimi and I went to a barnyard animal feeding at a local nature center today. Having grown up in a rural community, this was not that exciting to me, and Mimi enjoyed just getting out I think, but my friend from Miami and her daughter came too--it was actually her that suggested it. My friend from Miami says that something like that is really neat when you grew up in Miami. Plus it was FREE, so that's cool.

One more AWESOME thing, I put on a pair of jean yesterday that I bought from Jcrew on sale 5 years ago and just fit in now!!! How frickin' cool is that?

PS---I want you comments on using baby sign language--- I think I will do a post on my opinons soon.

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Grace said...

If you already knew how to communicate your needs and then someone tried to teach you an infinitely more complex way to do just this, how would you feel? I say it is a novelty that gets in the way of more important things -like learning to speak!