Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Fever Delusions

Is it crazy that probably once every other day or so I think of wanting another baby/being pregnant again? This is nuts.....Mimi isn't even 6 months. I think mother nature plays this cruel trick on you making you think not only how nice it would, but that you can just go right ahead and have another. I have been watching pregnancy vlog's and reading others blogs in my spare time while Mimi naps on the weekends thinking, awwww I want another baby. I even made the mistake of telling my husband that I feel this way sometimes, and even though he wants more kids eventually, he gets this scared look in his eyes. I know that I can't have another baby right now--for several reason, first and foremost still haven't had my period since before Mimi was born, second, another baby would not bode so well for our finances! With me still in grad school, we makes ends meet with doing parttime daycare and budgeting well, but throwing another set of copays and diapers in the budget would break it!

Does anyone else have crazy-want-another-baby hormone surges?


In other news--Mimi is sitting up by herself so well these days. Today I was too lazy to do the whole bathtub bath thing so I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink--she loved it! I filled it up really full and just let her sit and play. Now that she can sit up, I think it is more fun for her in the sink. When she takes a bath in the tub we fill it with about 2--3 inches of water and she lays on her back and kicks and splashes. I just love this kiddo so much. She had bananas and crackers in her hair. I tell you--this kid loves to eat solid foods. She cries when her food is gone, not out of hunger, but because I think she has so much fun eating and interacting and sucking food off of her fingers.

Our daycare provider called us Friday to congratulate us on such an easy baby-she said Mimi didn't even cry the two days she was there. She said how great is was that we weren't smothering first-time parents as well---however I think it helps that I've know this women for 6 years--so I have built in trust in her. Plus everyday we picked Mimi up she was rested and happy. She did ask me to send more clothes over though---my daughter the puker! Out babysitter didn't have the same luck of a day of no crying from what I could gather, our babysitter, bless her heart totally lets Mimi manipulate her into getting held all day. Poor Jenna (the sitter), Mimi can't help it, she just loves when Jenna walks around holding her and catering to her all day.

I hope everyone is well--and warm--In FL and it's 22F here! Yikes--good thing we installed a new furnace 2 years ago!

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laurapile said...

Ahh! you are crazy! although I can totally see wanting another one too! but take this as a reminder from the 9 months prego girl! don't do it! I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore, I actually have dreams about having my old body back!!! :)