Thursday, May 14, 2009

TERRIBLE Prepared Childbirth Class

Today is 30 weeks! Congrats to me. I took a picture yesterday but I hated it. I am feeling gigantic these days. I had gotten up to 21 lbs gained on Sunday, but by today I've lost 4 of those, now I'm only at 17 lbs gained. Is it strange to lose 4 lbs in 5 days? I have been eating upwards of 2000 calories and drinking at least 70-90 fl oz of water a day. The only thing I have changed is that I started drinking 1 espresso shot in the morning again with my husband. I tried to call the midwife to ask her, but she's out of the office today and I don't think it's any kind of emergency. I have an apt. next Wednesday also, if I don't lose anymore I'll ask then, if I lose more weight before then I think I'll call. The baby seems fine, plenty of movement and kicking and I haven't' been losing fluid or anything.

We took our first prepared childbirth class last night. IT WAS AWFUL. This women said "like" and "um" so many times I wanted to shake her. It was so distracting listening to her talk because all I could concentrate on were like and um. She really didn't answer anyone's question, she was all over the place in topics, and she kept having to ask the other Doula in the back for answers to questions, which I find very unprofessional. We paid 60 dollars for the 4 week course, but on the ride home we seriously considered no even going back, that's how bad it was! It's 2.5 hours for the next 3 Wednesday evenings, I think I knew more about stuff than this crack pot lady. Anyway...I guess we'll go because I hate to waste the 60 bucks. F says he wasn't disappointed like me because it was exactly as bad as he expected! lol. I was really disappointed, because everyone says, even if you read all the pregnancy books, go to the class because it's helpful and you will learn something. I highly doubt it, but I guess we'll see. I don't really feel like meeting other preggos either from the class, I already meet so many at the prenatal yoga and mothers in motion swim class. I almost dread telling Grace how bad it was, she'll probably say I told you so, her OB told her that birth classes are a waste of time because things never go as you expect anyway.

I'll post a new picture soon, I hate the ones I took yesterday.

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