Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally Halloween is Over!

Halloween is a fun holiday and all but I'm kind of happy it's over. F and I had 3 different Halloween parties to go to in the last week. We are so sick or being the flight attendant and the pilot! We had fun at all of them though. Nicole and Josh's was fun cause it was in a cool haunted like house and we did ouija board, which was a laugh. Dana's party was fun cause there were so many people with awesome costumes! She had fun food and everyone had a good time, her house is so cute. Tina's party was really fun too, she had karaoke and awesome snackies too. Also very exciting....Tina and here boyfriend Ben got ENGAGED!!!!!!! They told everyone at the party, I was so happy for them I almost cried. They seemed a little shy about it, but I guess I was too when people got excited for me. I never really had the fairytale engagment like most girls dream about. F and I joked around so much about getting married and faking each other out by asking all the time, then one day we just had my ring made from diamonds from my grandmothers, then that was it, we set a date and we were engaged.

The weekend weather was so nice, we took a nice walk with buddylicious on saturday. He got to pee all over the neighborhood, and was pretty happy. I have a cold, but it was so sunny, I pushed through the walk anyway!

So now that halloween is gone, bring on the turkey and candy canes! I'm ready! I've been scoping out lights for the house and thinking about having a nice christmas party this year.

15 more days until my qualifying exam, kind of scary. Hopefully I do well. I'm a little worried myself.

F is on a business trip for the next two three days so i'm all alone :-( It's so weird to sleep in the house by myself knowing he's not going to come home at some point in the night. I let buddy come in and sleep on the rug in our room to make me feel better.

Gypsy and Katie and I went out to collect training samples today for our Remote Sensing Class. I think we underestimated the time committent and day light savings time ending because it was pretty dark when we got done!

I'll post some pictures from the weekend, including gypsy, katie and I breaking into a cow pasture to get and agricultural pixel!

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