Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Watching Mimi with Olive

Watching Mimi with Olive melts my heart daily.   When I as pregnant I worried about jealously and juggling.  Mimi being jealous of the time I spent with the baby or the attention she receives, and juggling the needs of both kids and not feeling like either is getting less than what they need from me.  These were my two concerns.  So far jealously had not been an issue.  Mimi had nothing but love for her baby sister.  Sometimes too much love lol....

Juggling the needs of both is hard sometimes.  Mimi is still young and can't always understand why Olive's needs come first.  I try really hard to balance the time I spend with both.  I make so many attempts to spend quality one on one time with Mimi.  I enjoy the quiet late night nursing sessions (or early mornings  when everyone else is asleep.  Everyday it gets easier more and more natural to divide my time between them, and enjoy them together.

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