Monday, June 24, 2013

It's been awhile

Well blog, It's been awhile.  About 8 months to be exact.  How does somebody that blogged more than once per week (and enjoyed it) stop all of a sudden and not post for 8 months?  Life.  Life has thrown me some curve balls this year.

Remember tiny little pregnant me last October complaining that people thought my belly looked so small?  Well this little creature popped into my life about 6 weeks early....
Meet Olive Rose.  Olive came unexpectedly 6 weeks early due to my placenta tearing.  She came out screaming...more on that later.

So, after 8 months, with some ups and incredibly low downs, how does one catch up?  You see I write this blog not only for you few followers that take a peek into my life, but for me.  I write this blog overfull with pictures of my kid(s), food, adventures, typos, and grammar mistakes for myself.  Remember that one Harry Potter movie where Dumbledoor (sp?) has that bird bath looking device in his office full of memories? He can pull one out and relive it anytime? That's my blog to me.  I don't want to leave an 8 month whole in my bird basin lookin' device....

I am going to make 8 posts, one for each month that I have missed.  They will likely be full of pictures and written with tears streaming down my face, as I relive months of emotions I have tried to tuck deep into my heart.

Then hopefully I can go back to posting my happy adventures to share with you all.  I miss using my camera, I miss venting about things that bug me, sharing food fails when I try new recipes, etc.

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Sascha und Karin said...

So happy you are back.