Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mimi's First Haircut

Most kids probably get their first haircut way before they hit 2 1/2 years.....I have been putting it off for a really long time.  For some reason it was hard for me to cut the big loopy curls off the bottom of her hair.   Part of it was fear that the curls would go away, part of it was that it was like the last untouched thing about her that was still "my baby."  I know that sounds ridiculous, because she has really long hair and is obviously not a baby, but I felt that way regardless.

see loopy curls I was afraid to cut off??

Well I finally broke down and agreed to let my good friend Tina cut Mimi's hair. It's been getting really tangled and hard to keep combed. Also she gets a horrible heat rash on her neck in the summer from her hairline sweating. Gross I know, whatever.

Funny enough, my friend Emily had never cut her son Laith's hair either.  We decided to do them both on the same day so they would both think it was cool instead of being sad/worried/upset. Mimi went first;  Tina chopped off about 3 inches of Mimi's curls and evened out her hair and gave it some shape.  Mimi loved it and so did I!

Laith went next, and needed a bit more convincing.  As Tina chopped off Laith's ponytail I thought his mom (Emily) was going to collapse on the floor into a pile of mush! She took her son's chopped off locks way harder than I did Mimi's.    Alas, they both sacrificed their loopy baby curls and several inches of hair and are ready for the HOT Texas summer.

I survived it.

the finished cut

Mimi loves her new cut

Laith getting his ponytail chopped

his mom trying not to cry as she holds his ponytail

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

looking at the pictures in this post made me cry. but just a little!
emily looks like she could be your sister. if i had a girl, i'd have a hard time cutting her hair, too! at least i think i would. mimi's hair was soo pretty! and it turned out REALLY pretty! tina did a good job! and that little boy is CUTE! i wish carter's hair would grow out and not look stringy