Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Sunday

Today was amazingly uneventful.  I actually kind of like uneventful weekend days.  My weeks with Mimi are so hectic sometimes that when the weekends come we just chill and relax as a family.

Friday night we had some friends over after dinner to make smores and it was seriously a dorky fun time.  I did not mange to take photos because I was chasing around toddlers with hot marshmallows on sharp sticks. Wow that statement made me sound so uber responsible.  The kids actually did really well with the whole fire, hot marshmallow, sharp stick thing.  I was impressed.  They enjoyed eating the components of the smores more than the actual ones though.  My preggo friend and I ate our share so that was fine.   Wow  your idea of a fun Friday night changes when you have kids.....

Saturday we ran errands and shopped and let Mimi eat icecream for dinner.  It was one of those days where we just didn't care if she ate icecream for dinner.  Enough said.

Today my husband and I tagged teamed morning Mimi duty because we both stayed up until 2:30 am.  I got to sleep until 9:30, then I got up and my husband went back to bed until 11:30, kind of funny really.  Mimi and I kept busy with making valentines and creating playdoh messes.  I love having a toddler to make crafts with.  I picture many afternoons crafting together in our future.  I actually saw this little girl in JoAnn's yesterday at one of the sewing machines sewing away on some cute little project, I think she was maybe 10 and I had this daydream of Mimi sewing things and asking me to teach her and how proud she'll be of her creations.    Here are a few of her Valentines creations.  I know it's still January, but we suck the life out of holidays around here.....

Later on in the day we managed to get groceries and have lunch and now i'm the only one not napping.  Mimi, my husband and even the dog are snoring away on this chilly rainy Sunday afternoon.  I'm going to crank up the coffee machine and do some work today.

I had to share some of these shots of Mimi lounging with my IPhone.  Can you believe 2 year olds can just use these like it's nothing? I know 50 year olds that can't figure out how to use devices like this, but Mimi knows how to unlock it, what aps she likes, how to play games, how to talk to people (and make random calls lol).  It's crazy.

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Laura said...

my friend has a craft blog!

pretty cute stuff she makes with her daughter Claire.

I love relaxing weekends, I needed one after being away over Christmas, we did very little this weekend and it was awesome!