Monday, January 30, 2012

A Full Weekend

This weekend Mimi and I travelled down to Houston for a visit to see the Hale family.  It was Courtney's 30th birthday party and we were long overdue for a visit!

Since State Farm STILL hasn't given us the check (of a mystery amount) for our totalled Subaru, I drove the Jeep Liberty and felt like I was riding in style! haha. It's so funny how "nice" things feel when you're used to old crappy stuff.  My husband stayed home sick and slept the entire weekend.

Friday Courtney and I dropped off her car at this magical detail shop where I would most definitely take my car for a spruce up if I had a nice one!  We finagled 3 Britax car seats (safely installed) into the Jeep Liberty and we spent the day at the mall with the kids while her car was getting the royal treatment.  I had so much fun shopping with her.  I managed to buy things that I didn't need, like a headband, scarf, and shirt.  I ate gummy bears and a cookie filled with icing, which sent me into sugar overload not having had flour or processed sugars in a month!

Saturday we played and hung out getting ready for Court's big black/white/pink party.  I took the girls to their neighborhood parks, yes they have two! lol and the weather was amazing! Here's some photos of the girls playing together.

Little Grayson has grown into quite the little boy.  He has the most adorable little giggles and laughs, unlike any baby I've met.  He's a little roly poly escape artist, but I managed to snap a few photos of him while his Momma was getting ready for her party.

I don't want to post photos of Courtney's gorgeous party because I think it's for her to share, which i'm sure she will tell you all about it, but I'll give you a sneak peek of the kids having fun......

After the party, Mimi got pretty sick and thought It would be a good idea to throw up all over me at 4am.  Courtney's husband handled it like a champ and got us some new sheets and helped me get things all cleaned up.  The two of them amaze me.  Even after being up at 4am, they still manage to be smiley and happy in the morning WITHOUT COFFEE! Are they aliens maybe?  Or I'm just an addict.

As always, they were amazing hosts and we had a great weekend.

I came home to a messy house courtesy of my sick husband.  Awesome.  I spent the night cleaning the house, doing laundry and drinking lemon honey tea because I was pretty sick too.  Say a prayer that family manges to get better this week!  I'm also kind of hoping State Farm calls us so we know what the heck we're going to do with our car situation.  It still feels so up in the air.

I also wanted to share with you all that my brother and his spouse Ashley are pregnant again!  If you recall, they were due to have a baby last September, but sadly the baby was born at 22 weeks and passed away.  They just shared the news Thursday, they are having a baby girl, little Rowen, due July 1!  Mimi won't be Grandma's only little princess anymore!  If you pray, please say a prayer for them that this baby arrives safe and healthy!  I'd really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for them.  The last loss was really hard on them.


jen said...

Glad to hear that the birthday weekend was so good! I'll be praying for your brother and his wife and little baby! That this little girl will arrive safely into their arms and that they'll be blessed to live many years as a family of three.

Becky said...

That is so cool that you are close with the hales! I love courtney's videos :) Love your blog and thoughts going out to that new baby girl! Congrats to your family!

Kyle and Court said...

Jenney, you are ALWAYS allowed to share any photos of me, the fam, or our events. You are part of them too! =) We had so much fun with you both!