Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Infants and Television

I am so happy I shut off my cable two years ago. I'm happy for several reasons...
1. I don't waste 4 or more hours of my day on my ass in front of my TV anymore
2. We save 1200 dollars a year on not paying for cable.
3. I actually enjoy sitting and watching a movie now, because I don't do it that often.
4. My child won't grow up with a television on in the background ALL THE TIME

I can't stand people who throw their infant in front of the television. A child under 2 shouldn't watch television, and children over 2 should only watch 30 minutes or less of TV a day. I can't tell you how many people I've babysat for that use their television as a babysitter. I don't want my kids growing up addicted to television, eating in front of the television, etc. My opinion on this is shaped by own experience as child, where I watched TV from the time I got home from school until when I went to bed. I ate my meals in front of a television as well. I think that these habits in part contributing to some of my issues with food, including mindless eating and compulsive finishing, and also my level of inactivity as a young adult, all of which contributed to my overweight status.

Turn off the TV, take your kid outside for a walk.

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