Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Weeks Old

Hey Guys,

Wow, my little Mimi is 7 weeks old and a whopping 13 lbs. Can you believe that? That means she has gained 1lb a week for the last 4 weeks. This seems a little too fast. I think the Dr. told us she should gain 1 oz a day, so that should be about 1/2 lb a week. Am I over feeding? Or is she just a big girl? She has been receiving breastmilk exclusively, both from nursing and from a bottle. I've noticed with bottle feeding, she will actually stop eating and purse her lips shut when she's full, and with nursing, she'll get disinterested and stop actively eating when she is full. Also, when she's full from breastfeeding she won't fuss if you remove her from the breast. So I guess she is normal as far as weight. I'm 5'10" and so if my husband. My husband is an average weight, and if you've followed my posts before, you know i'm a little overweight. Mimi is also growing out of some of her 0-3 months clothes :-( This kind of makes me sad, she's growing so fast.

Speaking of the weight....I only have 5.5 lbs left to lose! (to reach my pre-preggo weight). I have started running again, I've run twice, but I walked 2 miles the with the baby the days I did not run. I cut 30 seconds of my mile the 2nd time I ran too. My husband says i'm looking slimmer, but I think he's just buttering me up because he wants sex, lol. That might be too much info for you, but If you've had a baby and know how exhausted you are you can imagine how uninterested you would be in sex.

One last thought of the day...

Did you ever have friends that you kind of force a friendship with? You know you have them over and you have forced polite conversation, they have you over etc., but it never just happens naturally? The conversation feels too polite and forced and you find yourself holding back your comments because you don't have a very open friendship with these people? My husband had a classmate from one of his grad classes come over for dessert last night. What possessed him to invite people over in the middle of the week during "Mimi the Miserable" time is beyond this couple just moved around the corner from us and stopped by at 9pm for dessert. Luckily Mimi was pretty chill, otherwise the situation would have been worse. They had some drinks and I had made a pie, and we sat at the table and had forced polite conversation. The guy is a nice enough guy but kind of full of himself, and the girlfriend seems sweet, but really doesn't have much to talk about. They kept saying, "when do you guys want to come over!? tomorrow? this weekend?" and we were like "yeah we'll have to come by soon and see your place." It really seemed they wanted to be friends with us more than us with do we keep doing the polite forced friendship and see if it grows into something? I mean I'm not really looking to make new buddies, I barely get to spend time with friends after having the baby anyway. Anyone else know what i'm talking about?

Mimi has her 2 month dr. apt next week I think, and she's getting shots. We purposely picked this dr. because they let you spread out the shots if your baby isn't in daycare. So I'm not sure exactly what shots she'll get. Also I'm not sure whether to give her a flu shot or not. Any opinions on flu shots for 2 month olds? I'm going to get one because i'm on campus a lot and I ride the bus to campus.

Leave a comment if you have a story about forced friendships or vaccines or anything. I'd like to know what others think.


laurapile said...

I know what you mean about forced friendships!! my husband is in the Canadian Navy so his work friends are always trying to get the wives together so we can hang out when they go to sea but sometimes I just have nothing in common with the husband has a hard time with understanding the whole stage of life thing...He introduced me to this one girl who was dating her BF...well they really like going to bars and dance clubs...well I used to when I was younger but being as I am almost 28, I am not really into tht anymore..I don't like the whole forced friendship though like either you click or not.

JKL said...

I'm happy someone else knows what I meant, I felt kind of conceited writing "they wanted to be friends with us more than we wanted to be friendds with them...I don't need anyomore friends right now.." but It was really the truth. Yeah i'm going to be 28 in Dec, I used to go out at 11pm and stay out till 3am, now I go out at 8 or 9 and i'm in bed by 12 or 1, I feel old, but with the baby too, it's not worth being tired either! lol