Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is not off to a good start

In my family Christmas has many traditions. Too many to sit here and write out and explain. The fall holidays were big in my family no only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for all the birthdays in the family we celebrated in the holiday season. I always wanted to bring my traditions with me into my new family. Apparently, things that are important to me are not innately important to my new husband. So today I bought a tree by myself, put it up by myself, and decorated pretty much by myself, after my husband pushed his dinner plate away when he was done and said "alright let's get this thing over with" (referring to the decorating of the tree). That was a moment killer if anything was. When I put the tree up in the afternoon, I only put the lights on it, foolishly thinking my husband would want to share the decorating of it with me, being our first married Christmas together. I am filled with such dissappointment and sadness. It may seem silly to others, but this was really important to me, something I look forward to and enjoy each and every year. I feel like he shit all over it. It ruined the entire experience for me. I wish I would have just done it myself this afternoon.

Thus begins the Christmas holiday season in our home. Well here's a pic anyway.

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